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Chinese New Year shutdown 2024 timeline

Chinese New Year Eve celebrations begin on February 9, 2024, so our production and shipping team will begin slowing down or stopping production a week or so before

  • December 31, 2023: Natural Green Technology’s cut off time for orders to be shipped out before the Chinese New Year

  • End of January: We will begin to stop production and shipping

  • Early February: China employees begin leaving factories even US team is still working.

  • February 9: All China employees have left the factory.

  • February 10: Chinese New Year.

  • February 17: China employees begin arriving back at the factories.

  • February 19: China operations are back to normal.

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Seasons Greetings to you and your business! As most businesses and corporations celebrate holidays and the New Year within the United States, Natural Green Tech also observes The Chinese New Year. Because our home manufacturer is based in China, it is high priority that you are notified right away and urged to put in orders with us before our cut off time.


Natural Green Technology’s cut off time for orders will officially be Dec-31-2023. This cut off time is for orders to be shipped out before the Chinese New Year starting from Feb-09-2024 to Feb-15-2024. Natural Green Technology’s production and shipping team will have suspended all operations during this time.

In any instances that orders are placed after the cutoff date the following issues/fees may accrue:

  • Production cost may be higher than before.

  • Our team may not complete your order before the Chinese New Year.

  • Your order may not ship out before the Chinese New Year holiday and/or the shipping cost will be higher than before.


Again, we strongly urge that you put in your orders with your regional manager as soon as you can before the cut-off date. Please contact them with any questions or concerns you may have as well.


We appreciate your continued business with us and look forward to a healthy and prosperous New Year.


Have a Great Holiday and New Years!

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